What Causes Hair Loss In Human

Nuviante Hair GrowthHair loss occurs in every person and is quite normal. But when there are more hairs than average, it is popularly called hair loss. This can lead to baldness. When a hair comes out of a hair follicle, this is called hair loss. Nuviante Advanced Hair Growth Formula Hairs that are released are in most cases replaced by a new hair. On average, a person loses 100 hairs per day, with a margin between 40 and 130 hairs. Often there are also periods when you lose more hair than another period. The hairs released from the hair follicle are eventually replaced after a period of rest of the hair follicle. This is a natural process and continues to repeat itself throughout your life.

Sometimes it happens that you lose more than 130 hairs per day. When you lose 200 or more hairs per day, you can talk about real hair loss. This then poses a problem because the body is unable to replace all these hairs. Often, hairs that are not ready to fall out already fall out. The hair follicle will therefore not create a new hair.

Causes hair loss
The best known cause of hair loss in men is due to age. This happens under the influence of the hormone testosterone. Women also have the hormone testosterone but to a lesser extent, as a result of which baldness in women is less common as a result of old age. However, women can also have a problem with the hormone system, which can cause baldness. In men, the hair will initially fall out, and come back shorter and much thinner. Then it falls out again and does not come back.

In younger men, hair loss is also common in combination with seborrhoea. This is a strong skin lubrication. The hair is then the first to emerge at the front and the side, at the temples. Sometimes it also starts on the back of the head. The hair loss is rapidly expanding and most men with this form of hair loss are already completely bald around the age of 30 years.

Stress also causes hair loss. This is because more adrenaline is produced at times of stress. The adrenalin produces extra lactic acid in the tallow colors of the scalp. This lactic acid breaks down the hair. Often the growth of a new hair is also stopped by the lactic acid. In stress, especially in young children, it often happens that people pull their hair out by plucking them excessively.

Lack diseases can also cause hair loss. A well-known example is kwashiohkor in young children, which causes hair loss. A lack of vitamin B also often causes hair loss.

Infectious diseases also cause hair loss. Examples are diseases such as scarlet fever, typhus, syphilis and pneumonia. Some drugs or drugs also cause hair loss. Poisoning can also be a cause of excessive hair loss. A fungus can also be the cause of hair loss, such as headache.

Temporary hair loss occurs after a pregnancy, which often starts a few weeks after delivery. X-ray irradiation also gives temporary hair loss. In both cases, the hair will eventually return and resume its normal hair growth cycle.

Sometimes there are bare areas that are strongly limited, these bald spots can overlap. This is alopecia areata. The cause of this condition is unknown. Within a few months to years, this condition will heal spontaneously and the hair will grow back again.

Prevention is better than cure: so make sure that there can not be deficiency diseases or infectious diseases by building sufficient resistance. In the case of a defect, it is important to fill this lack. Fungi can be controlled by medication or a special shampoo. Hair loss due to age can not be remedied. Stress will have to go away. Hair loss is in most cases a result of, then also pick up the cause.